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Program Name: Question Manager
Original Release: November 2000
Cost: Free
Platform: UNIX or Linux
Requires: Perl4+

  1. In brief
  2. Requirements
  3. Introduction
  4. Configuration
  5. Installation
  6. Un-Install
  7. Program Control Panel
    1. Summary
    2. Changing the password
    3. Program Configuration Settings
    4. Exiting
    5. WebSite
    6. Submitted Questions
    7. Answer Templates
  8. Additional Functions
    1. Forwarding Template
    2. Deleting questions and templates
    3. Purging the databases
    4. Resetting the counters
  9. Security
  10. Disclaimer
  11. Support
  12. Markers

Forwarding a submitted question
Occasionally you will get a question that is best dealt with by someone else or you need someone else's evaluation to properly format the response. Therefore, in the action area next to the submitted question display, enter that e-mail address of the person you want to forward the questions to in the text box labeled Forward. After entering the e-mail address, click on the Prepare button. This will bring you to the Question Forward Preparation Screen. This screen is identical to the question response screen with the exception that the e-mail field contains the e-mail address you just entered and the name field is left blank so that you can fill in the recipients name.

Question Forwarding Preparation Screen
Forward A Question

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Deleting a submitted question
From the Question Response Screen or the Question Forward Screen simply click on the Delete this question link. This will bring you to the Submitted Question Delete Confirmation Screen. If you are sure you want to delete this submitted question, then click on the Delete button, otherwise, click on the Abandon button. Please note that deleting a submitted question is a permanent and irreversible course of action.

If you should wish to delete ALL submitted questions to start over from scratch, go to the "List Submitted Questions" page and click on the Purge Question Database. This will present you with a Submitted Question Purge Confirmation Screen. If you are sure you want to purge the entire submitted question database, then click on the Delete button, otherwise, click on the Abandon button. Please note that purging the submitted question database is a permanent and irreversible course of action. All submitted questions will be deleted and you will not be able to recover them.

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Resetting the counters
On the Summary page of the administrative interface, click on Reset next to the counter you want to reset to zero. Click only once. The counter will be reset to zero. There is NO confirmation screen.

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There are a few important security aspects to keep in mind.

1. Make sure your $DataKey variable is a completely random sequence of characters. Do not make it a real word and do not make your Postal Code/ZIP Code or phone number part of it.

2. This program only supports one main administrative user. Do not give out your administrative User Name and Password unless absolutely necessary. If you do have to give it out to someone, change these as soon as that person is finished working with it.

3. Change your User Name and Password every four to six months.

4. Select a User Name and Password that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. User Names and Passwords that are longer, are harder to guess. We recommend ten characters for User Names and Password.

5. Whenever this program creates a sub-directory, it creates and index.html document that displays an un-authorized access message. This is utilized in case someone stumbles across the directory name. This way your server will not be able to list the contents of that directory. If your main directory document is named something other than index.html, you will have to FTP into the data directories and manually rename these documents.

6. Your programs administrative password is encrypted. Therefore you can not retrieve it. If you forget the administrative password you will have to run the set-up routine again. Running the set-up routine again will let you set-up a new password but it will also erase all your configuration settings.

7. Unlike most CGI programs available on the web, this program utilizes a back-up and restoration set of utility on all data files. This reduces the likely hood of files being erased by a large number of hits at the same time. In the very unlikely event that this does occur, contact us

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Support Information
If you are unable to set-up this program or are uncomfortable setting up the program then please contact our support department at /support.html

We offer an installation service for a small fee, details of which are available at the support centre. Note that due to the unpredictable nature of NT and Mac servers, we do not offer support or installation services for program being installed on these types of servers. This program was written for a UNIX server.

If you do not receive a response from our support centre within 24 hours, contact us

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Appendix A - Email Response Template
The contents of the default template are included here, for your reference.

There are four "markers", that must be used in this template. These markers tell the program where to insert separate pieces of information:

• The name of the person who submitted the question
• The content of the stock answer
• The content of the submitted question
• The e-mail address in the notice that a person can reply to.

Setting these markers in the template is very easy. Look at the default format to see how it is done, the percentage signs ( % ) must be used. For your reference, the markers in question are:

%%%NAME%%%   -   This inserts the name of the person who submitted the question.

%%%ANSWER%%%   -   This tells the program where to insert the stock answer that you are sending out.

%%%QUESTION%%%   -   This tells the program where to insert the submitted question, within the response.

%%%ADMINEMAIL%%%   -   This marker will insert the administrative e-mail address that you have set within the program configuration settings. If you don't want an e-mail address appearing within the body of your response or you want an e-mail address different from the administrative e-mail address, then remove this marker from the template.

If you don't want any of the above fields to fill into the Response Preparation Screen, then remove them from the E-Mail Response Template.

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