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Da Godfaddah 2.0

Supported Servers : Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Sun, BSDOS, Mac, Windows
Price : USD $20.00
Requires : Perl / cgi-bin
Version : 2.0
Original Release Date : July 2002
Latest Release Date : March 2009
F.A.Q : Click here for F.A.Q.
Users Guide : Click here for Users Guide
Online Demo : Admin Demo

Quality Perl Script Guarantee This Perl Script has been quality guarantee stamped by our customers. If this script does not perform for you on your server as advertised, we'll issue you with a full refund plus a 10% credit voucher.

  1. Beginning
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Introduction
    3. Requirements
    4. Configuration
    5. Installation
    6. Un-Install
  2. Connecting to a directory
  3. Deleting files
  4. Deleting all files
  5. Deleting an entire directory
  6. Switching to a different directory
  7. Security
  8. Support

Please read the Perl Services Licensing Agreement

By downloading, purchasing, acquiring and/or implementing any PerlServices software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the distribution policy.

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Thank you for choosing Da Godfaddah.

Da Godfaddah is a quick utility program for removing unwanted files and directories from your UNIX server.

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Da Godfaddah must be used on a UNIX server with Perl.

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Before you can install this program, there is one configuration item you must first address.

Path To Perl
All CGI programs written in Perl must start with a line that tells the web server where to look for the Perl interpreter. This means the very first line of each of the .cgi files MUST be the Path to Perl. Here are some examples of common paths to Perl:


This program was shipped with a default path of: #!/usr/bin/perl

The first and only configuration item to address is to make sure that this is the correct Path to Perl for your web server. Your Virtual Hosts support/FAQ pages will tell you what the correct Path to Perl is for your web server. If this information can not be found on the support/FAQ pages then you should contact your System Administrator or Support Dept. to find out the correct value. In lieu of them being available, the samples above are fairly standard. Try them all out in the order above and see if any work for you.

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To install this program, you must have an FTP client and be familiar with how to use its basic functions. If your not sure how to achieve any of the stated functions or commands with your FTP client, please refer to our tutorial on installation and on using FTP clients at:

Here are the installation steps:

1. Open your FTP client and connect to your web space.

2. Making sure your FTP client is set to transfer in ASCII mode and not binary mode, transfer the file qd.cgi to your cgi-bin.

3. CHMOD qd.cgi to 755 (rwx-rx-rx).

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To un-install this program, use either your FTP client or use the program itself to simply delete the file qd.cgi

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Connecting to a directory
After installing the program call it by loading the full URL to the script qd.cgi in the address line of your browser. You will be presented with the connection screen.

Simply enter the directory you want to work on or select it from the Drop down list of directories and click the "Go" button. The program will then read the directory's contents and display all files and folders. Results are printed to the page (see next section).

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Deleting files
Having connected to a directory that contains files, you will see a full directory and file listing. To selectively remove files from the server, place a check in the checkbox beside that file name and then click on the button labelled "Rub out selected".

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Deleting all files
To delete all the files in a directory, connect to a directory according to the directions above. Then on the summary pages, click on "Rub out all files". This will remove all files but will leave the directory in place.

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Deleting an entire directory
If there are sub-directories in the directory you are attempting to connect to, a warning message will be printed. You CANNOT DELETE A DIRECTORY that has sub-directories in it. You must first remove all the sub-directories then come back and delete the main top level directory.

If the current directory is clear of sub-directories, click on the "Whack da directory" button. This will remove all files and then remove the directory itself. There are no warning and no prompts, it just happens.

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Switch to a different directory
If you decide you want to work in a different directory, simply enter the new path in the text box at the top of the page or select one from the list of directories in the Select Menu and click on the "Go" button.

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This Script is not protected by a Username and Password. You should either delete it once you've finished using it, CHMOD it unusable or only use it from a HT protected directory.

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If you are unable to set-up this program or are uncomfortable setting up the program then please contact our support department. We offer an installation service for a small fee, details of which are available at the support center.

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